Creative, Socialize, Elevated.

01, Who we are

The leading news and entertainment community on social network in Vietnam

B Network, owned by Beatvn, with the traffic of more than 24M in multi-platform: Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube, Instagram. This community is always the most prominent in capturing with the lastest trend among young people.

02, What we do

Comprehensive and vigorous media ecosystem

Operating proactively in both social media and community advertsing technology, Beatvn ecosystem consists of a wide range of products: B network, B creative, B marketplace, social network, news platform.

03, Our Partners

Customer Centricity with Customer Expericence Truly Different

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B Community Network

B Community Network is where renowned community channel projects on social networks are formed. Each project is comprised of numerous channels, joining hands to create a community system for young people to freely show their true colors.

Total Followers

755K fans

Total Reach

85M / month

Total Engage

10M / month

Lifestyle - News - Inspiration

Chuyện của Hà Nội

Founded since 2018, Chuyen cua Hanoi's biggest desire is to connect Hanoi's lovers through every simple story that only happens in this city. Young people, who are living stressful and busy lives could find peace in their minds here with meaningful articles. This is where young people could stop for a few seconds and cherish the very moment in beloved Hanoi.








B Creative Agency

Với mục tiêu trở thành Social Media Agency top đầu thị trường, B-Creative không ngừng sáng tạo trong việc cung cấp các giải pháp và dịch vụ truyền thông, marketing chuyên nghiệp.

Quản lý hình ảnh thương hiệu

Social Media Reputation Management

Measuring brand's health and consulting media solutions to elevate and deliver positive values to brand.

Phát triển thương hiệu cộng đồng

Brand Community Development

Establishing and consulting media strategy for brand's image on the social network.

Vận hành & tối ưu quảng cáo

Digital Advertising

Advising on advertising strategy and devising specified tactics to distribute budget on each platform effectively.

Sáng tạo nội dung

Creative Social Media Content

Creativity is the successful key to embed a brand's image in customers' minds. B-Creative creates and implements distinctive trendy content delivered the brands' message in various forms to meet the customers' expectation.

Đặt bài quảng cáo

Media Booking

With more than 25 millions members in the social ecosystem, B Creative is confident in consulting the optimal media solutions for your brand's strategy

Life at Beat Vietnam

Creating an environment to drive endless creativity is our motto





Listening and sharing

Listening and sharing